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( Trust us ) Sell CVV Good Fresh 2017 Balance inside 1000$ usd CVV/DUMPS(ICQ:694760367)

Looking for fresh qualitative credit card's dumps Western Union Banks and paypal transfer,MoneyBookers Transfer,Creditcard topup Blank card and atm cards with good HIGH BALANCE.We are group Certified Whitehat Hackers from around the world and based in WOODLAND TEXAS with more than 8 years of experience.?

We can help you!!!


We can offer you AA and AAA class original credit card's dumps,

which were skimmed or hacked only.

We have MC, Visa, Amex, Discover credit card's tracks dumps.

We have USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Latin etc.

We can propose you the best client service you have ever seen,

because our selling and support team is real market leader.

We have flex discount system and special offers for serious buyers.

I have many customers and buyers all over the world and they trust me and i promised to never break this chain till DEATH.

I'm offering many ways to earn online money through sources like westernunion transfers, bank transfers, moneybookers and paypal transfers through offshore database.

All transactions are offshore and anonymous and has no trace backs or chargebacks


ICQ: 694760367

Gmail: need.good.buyer@gmail.com

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